[08/28/17] - 6th Summit of the Border Mayors Association

From the two-day Summit of the Border Mayor's Association hosted by the cities of San Diego and Tijuana, please see the Executive Directors Report on the Summits page.

[08/07/17] - 2017 U.S.-Mexico Border Summit

Join [The Borderplex Alliance] August 16th - 17th for the 2017 U.S.-Mexico Border Summit!

[07/26/17] - The Border Market 2017, August 17, 18, and 19

The Border Market is a unique meeting of the Chihuahuan small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) to promote high value products & services in Northern Mexico, connecting them with the National and North American market, and promote the advantage of Juarez as a strategic pivot for the growth of the SMEs.

It is also an event that brings among other things, training for business development, high impact conferences, an exhibit of 93 stands, and the participation of 9 states from northern Mexico.

[09/14/16] - 5th Summit of the Border Mayors Association

See minutes and pictures from the 5th Summit of the Border Mayors Association in Laredo, Texas

[08/25/16] - New Leaders take the helm of the Border Mayors Association

Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz (r.) and Nuevo Laredo Mayor-Elect Enrique Rivas were elected as the Co-Chairs of the Border Mayors Association at their August 24th meeting in Laredo, Texas.


[08/18/16] - Article recommendation message from Andrew Selee, Executive Vice President, Wilson Center

[...] I wanted to share with you this article I wrote in yesterday's RealClearWorld about how San Diego and Tijuana have found creative ways of working together, including a way of sharing access to a single airport. It's a great story that deserves telling:
"San Diego Built A Bridge Over Its Border Wall."
And here is another interesting story about Mexican investment in the United States that appeared in the Washington Post a few weeks ago:
"Money is Flowing over the US-Mexico Border, but It's Going North." 


[04/20/16] - The Strategic Case for TPP - an article from the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)

The United States is a Pacific power. For over 70 years, we have been the guarantor—and a major beneficiary—of peace, stability, and growing prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region. Public opinion polls show that Americans consider the region to be more important than any other to our nation’s future. And in Asia, surveys show that in the midst of uncertainty about China’s growing power, our allies and partners are counting on continued U.S. leadership in the region...


[11/08/15] - Trans-Pacific Partnership

Read more about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, linked on the Links & Media page.


[06/30/15] - BMA Gets Help from our Friends

UTEP, the Woodrow Wilson Center, and the Consul General of Mexico team up to update the Association’s mailing list.
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[06/30/15] - BMA Visits Mexico City

The Border Mayors Association (BMA) leads a team of Mexican Business Leaders to Mexico City  to discuss Border Trade and Security with Ambassador Anthony Wayne.
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[06/30/15] - BMA Website Gets Attention

The Website for the Border Mayors Association was developed by the City of El Paso during the tenure of then mayor John Cook, co-founder of the BMA. The site was linked to mayor Cook’s webpage until he left office in 2013.
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