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Mayor John F. Cook as the Founder and Chairman of the association presided over the 3rd Binational Summit of the U.S. - México Border Mayors Association.  Twenty-three mayors from both sides of the border met in San Diego California to discuss challenges and solutions that impact border communities.  The topics covered important issues like immigration, international public safety cooperation, economic development, public private partnerships, border crossings and dealing with growing levels of cross border trade.
At this meeting, the following actions were taken:
Motion made by Mayor Moreno, seconded by Mayor Salinas and unanimously carried to approve the Resolution supporting legislation for Private Public Partnerships [Resolution].
Motion made by Mayor Sanders, seconded by Mayor Garino and unanimously carried to support the unsolicited grant proposal to support the future operations of the U.S. – México Border Mayors Association.
Co-Chair Bustamante committed to coordinate for all association mayors to visit Washington DC and advocate for the border issues.
Vice Co-Chair Murguía recommended that an agenda be created with input from all the mayors and be president to both Presidents of the United States and México.
Per action taken at the first meeting, the terms to all leadership positions in the association are for one-year resulting in the following actions:
  • Chairman Cook relinquished his Chair position to Vice Chair Sanders who in turn will surrender it to the next Mayor of the City of San Diego, California, as Mayor Sanders’ term is up in September 2012. 
  • Co-Chair Bustamante relinquished his Co-Chair position to Vice Co-Chair Murguía. 
  • Mayor John Cook was named the Executive Director for the association.
Co-Chair Murguía offered to host the 4th Binational Summit in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México.


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